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Blue frame on empty timeline gap
by Tony Partam 7 years ago
Using Premiere CS6 and the Multibridge Pro on Mac, i get a blue frame after each clip followed by empty space on the timeline. Using FCP i don't get that blue frame. I can see it on HDMI and on analog
Decklink quad
by Tony Partam 7 years ago
Any software on windows that can playout 4 video channels using the quad
Re: Decklink quad
by Tony Partam 7 years ago
Thanks for the advice, I will try it and see if it works on all 4 outputs of the quad
Hyperdeck Shuttle2 codec problems
by Tony Partam 8 years ago
I love BMD and it's wonderful products they offer,however sometimes they ignore known bugs. The DNxHD on the shuttle2 is still unusable on FCP due to gamma shift, and now i discover that AfterEffects
Mathias Montavon liked this 8 years ago
Re: Hyperdeck Shuttle2 codec problems
by Tom Hoopengardner 7 years ago
How do I disable the audio when I import DNxHD files into After Effects CS5 Step by step, please. I don't have AVID and I'm really not familiar with Quicktime. I'm trying to edit DNxHD files on Premie
hdcp on hyperdeck shuttle
by Sameer Shrivastava 8 years ago
Hi whats the status of hdcp on hyperdeck shuttle hdmi out enable or disabled I am asking as my monitor doesnt support (it keeps bugging invalid mode)if connected as hdmi to dvi thanks SAMEER S.
Re: hdcp on hyperdeck shuttle
by Tony Partam 8 years ago
Hi Chris, i want to know if the processing power of the shuttle is the same as the studio. Will it also get DNxHD one day...
Skintone softening
by Tony Partam 12 years ago
Any plugin out there to soften skintones automatically i know there are many for photoshop but not for AE The only way now for me is manually with blur and mask
Re: Skintone softening
by Jason Milligan 12 years ago
Have you checked out this tutorial http: tutorials.html id=53
Mainconcept mpeg pro HD Plugin
by Tony Partam 13 years ago
Anybody tried this plugin with PPro 2.0 and does it work with BMD I need to work on Xdcam HD codec and Vegas and Final Cut are the only ones to do it
P2 Footage looks a bit soft - ideas?
by Martin Phillips 13 years ago
Hope someone can help - I imported some P2 footage into FCP just before I got my Decklink Pro HD PCI-X card. I used the (Apple) DVCPRO HD - 1080i50 Easy Setup for the import. Now I have put the card i
Re: Downconversion seems to be a problem - Decklink HD Pro
by Tony Partam 13 years ago
Had the same issue when i first got the Decklink. I even downconverted the HD material in AfterEffects and recorded the file on DigiBeta and also recorded straight from HD Downconversion to DigiBeta.
XDCAM HD support
by Tony Partam 13 years ago
All software and hardwares are supporting XDCAM HD MXF See the link at Sony http: BroadcastandBusiness markets 10014 docs XDCAMCompatibilityGuide.pdf But nothing until now on BMD or
HD distribution
by Tony Partam 14 years ago
What options do i have if i wanna distribute a file (on a DVD) to watch on PCs at HighDefinition Is wmv Hd my only one or i can do a quicktime HD Has anyone tried it before I want to also project an H
Re: HD distribution
by Chris Borjis 14 years ago
The only real options that work is windows media and mpeg2 transport streams. Connect your DVI-D output to your barco projectors DVI-D input. thats all there is to it really.
new driver errors
by Tony Partam 14 years ago
After installing new driver for Decklink HDPro dual, premiere pro 2 no longer refreshes the preview renders i have to turn off a video track or a clip and then back on so to see the newly made c
Re: new driver errors
by Mihail Angelov 14 years ago
Yes i have same problmes as you guys, just right now i have e moving (scroll) Photoshop File (on track 2)with transperancy over a BMD 10yuv video (on track 1) and I see only the video!!!! When I'm wor
perspective shadow
by Tony Partam 14 years ago
Can we have a perspective shadow in premiere pro or is there a plugin that does it All i want is to put shadow underneath a man on chroma key in a vitual background... Thanks
Re: perspective shadow
by Tony Partam 14 years ago
wooww might be render time consuming...don't you think There's a perspective shadow in AE but the same plugin is not working with premiere It's strange Boris or any third party didn't think of this pl
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