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Century Optics Super Fisheye
by Tony Luke 10 years ago
Hey guys, I'm shooting a music video next weekend on the HVX and need a fisheye lens. I was interested in the Century Optics super fisheye, it gives .55x more view. Anyone have this or use it before I
Re: Century Optics Super Fisheye
by Tony Luke 10 years ago
hey thanks so much for the input! im looking into the .5x fisheye at this point. i imagine at that point itll be a pretty sizeable addition to the original lens, with a little distortion of course. wh
Cool looking inserts
by Tony Luke 11 years ago
Hey everyone, I was checking out this music video: http: watch v=4DQWvOM5sUQ Thought it had really cool inserts like at 01:03 - lots of all around simple but cool effects. Anyone know
Re: Cool looking inserts
by Mark Fogarty 11 years ago
Tony It could be a plugin but you can easily create a similar look without a plugin. Here's what I would do (although I'm sure there are 17 better ways). Create a text layer and type a character... an
FCP Stills Photos Issue
by Tony Luke 11 years ago
Hey everybody, I was reviewing a piece I edited on a TV in which stills were used from the video and cropped in various positions to make a composition. Unfortunately though some of them are jittery w
Re: FCP Stills Photos Issue
by Rafael Amador 11 years ago
When you grab a still from a video clip , you need to de-interlace it to avoid the jittering. Rafael
P2 Import ERROR
by Tony Luke 11 years ago
Hey guys, Had a question about P2 importing into FCP 6.0.4. Usually after a shoot we'll download the footage from the HVX over USB into the computer, then import it from that destination by dragging a
Re: P2 Import ERROR
by Jeremy Garchow 11 years ago
All of the files need to be in a folder called CONTENTS. Then FCP will see it. Jeremy
Flash Compression
by Tony Luke 11 years ago
Hey guys, just a very basic question. I'm looking to upload an FLV through Squeeze as a test onto a website. I'm using a 16X9 quicktime as the source. After a few tests I've been unable to properly ma
Re: Flash Compression
by Tony Luke 11 years ago
Hey thanks! I'm beginning to think it's just easier to try and letterbox in squeeze than go through the compressor hassle... squeeze is giving me a headache!! Thanks everyone though!
16X9 Compression
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey guys - just looking for some advice. I need to compress 4:3 into 16:9, without the distortion that it creates. Instead, I need it to simply cut off the top and bottom and output it into the shape
Re: 16X9 Compression
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
yes... well.. thats the question. im confused on how to do it. Source inset, dimensions everything ive tried has rendered useless
NTSC/HD Problem
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey everyone - I'm creating my company's motion graphics logo in After Effects. I was wondering if there are certain steps to go about making both NTSC and HD versions. It seems a bit overwhelming at
Re: NTSC/HD Problem
by Joey Burnham 12 years ago
A little off topic but... Is AE that good at HD to NTSC downconversions I agree with you that he should create HD first, but is it as simple as dropping an HD comp into an NTSC one Joey
Rotoscoping in After Effects
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey all - I'm doing an art project that involves rotoscoping characters from movies into my own home videos, and I'm just wondering how effectively I can accomplish this in After Effects. I have found
Re: Rotoscoping in After Effects
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
what did you even read my question all im asking is would I be able to accomplish this seamlessly using After Effects.
Casting a Shadow
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey guys, I'm sure this is a relatively simple question, but I'm just having trouble getting past what seems like a basic AE maneuver. I want to cast a shadow on a photoshopped image I made, and am tr
Re: Casting a Shadow
by Kevin Camp 12 years ago
also, is the shadow color black, and or, is opengl turned off i think there is still a problem with opengl rendering shadows if they are any color other than black...Kevin Camp Designer - KCPQ, KMYQ &
HD into 3:4 Uncompressed 8 Bit
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey all, can someone give me advice on how to convert HD footage into 3:4 Uncompressed 8 bit, so there's a letterbox and the picture is not stretched We need this for broadcast TV. Thanks a lot!
Re: HD into 3:4 Uncompressed 8 Bit
by Rich Rubasch 12 years ago
Probably the best way is to dub the footage from the HD deck to an SD deck like digi beta, DVCAM or DVCPro50 etc. But if you have a finished piece then compressor can do the work for you, or drop the
Importing P2 as MXF
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey all - I'm importing P2 cards today and was instructed that they have to be in MXF. I'm assuming this means it's being edited on Avid systems, thus I won't need to import through FCP, but rather mo
Re: Importing P2 as MXF
by Barry Green 12 years ago
MXF is a much more interchangeable file format; basically every editor can edit the MXF files (either natively, or through using Raylight). So yes, just copy the CONTENTS and LASTCLIP.TXT folder -- no
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey I was hoping someone could help me with plug-ins. I have a good amount collected in the Plug-in folder but can't seem to integrate them into the software itself. Could someone help Thanks a lot!
Re: Plug-ins
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
dont know why ur sorry, but thanks! will follow this up
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey I'm trying to use a tutorial on reflections but it requires creating text. I have AE 5.5 and can't find a simple text tool - i can't add a text as an effect, it has to be solely text. The tutorial
Re: Text
by Mike Clasby 12 years ago
Yep, not text Toll back then, try Effect Text then Basic Text, Numbers or Path Text. They're not bad, really.
Write-on Effect
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
hey all, i am workin on an edit in which i want to animate text in a way that makes it look like an animated signature. i know i have to use the write on effect, but im having trouble accomplishing wh
Re: Write-on Effect
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
thanks so much! youve been so helpful and ive got it down now... thanks again!
Zoom audio
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
I recently filmed a project with an XL1 that involved a lot of quick zooms and really didn't realize that the mic would pick up the sound that it makes. Has anyone ever had this before and will it aff
Audio Sync
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
Hey, I saw someone else was having a similar problem here, but mine is just a bit different. I capture the footage at the right settings, and somewhere closer to the end of the footage (about 3 4) the
Re: Audio Sync
by Tom Wolsky 12 years ago
Without being giving full specs on your system, what you're doing, and what settings you're using, it's pretty much a guess. The most common cause is capturing material with the wrong capture settings
DVD Studio pro
by Tony Luke 12 years ago
I am trying to make it so my music video will play when inserted into a DVD player. I don't want any menus, just straight play. Could anyone help Thanks a lot
Re: DVD Studio pro
by eric pautsch 12 years ago
Drop you video into a track and set your First Play to that track. Did you read the manual This always helps. Good Luck
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