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Re: Creatring video boards, screens etc in C4D then exporting for composting in Ae. Quick question.
by Jim Scott 3 years ago
Since each different video plays at the point where the roboarm has brought the board down, all you need is one render from C4D where the roboarm comes down, stops, and then retracts. What is essentia
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Re: Dragging comps of different sizes into compostition
by Greg Gesch 3 years ago
Hi. Yes, you're right. Right click on layer: Transform Fit to Comp
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Re: MoGraph and Ae Exporting
by Adam Trachtenberg 3 years ago
What I'd add to the tutorial is that instead of just creating nulls, you can use the external comp tag to generate actual AE solids of the exact size and orientation you need. Just check the "create s
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Re: how do I get a random type effector on a non-clone object?
by Brian Jones 3 years ago
put all the objects into a Fracture object (which treats all the objects which are it's children as clones - Fracture Object Object Mode = Straight (which is the default)) then apply the Random Effect
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Re: Create opening credits
by Ken Teutsch 3 years ago
What you have there is many, many cut-out photos and text layers arranged in 3D space with complicated camera moves transitioning between them. The basic concept is simple, but this is a complex examp
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