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CEO Promo Scape, Melbourne Australia.
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January 1st 2004
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Melbourne Australia
International Price differences
by Tony Laughton 7 years ago
You would think that in today's global economy and with software available to purchase and download, prices would be consistent. Not in Adobe's case. I went to pre-order the Premier CS6 upgrade and fo
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Re: International Price differences
by Mitch Drummond 7 years ago
I'm with you Tony. It's not like we Aussies are getting a "better" version of CS6. Come on Adobe! Were is the customer service Adobe should be giving us the same price. Mitch Drummond Adobe Premier Pr
One day with Final Cut Pro X and I'm convinced...
by Michael Garber 8 years ago
In it's current iteration, I could never use FCP X in a professional environment. I'm not one of the "whiners," just a facility owner and editor stating a very obvious fact. I've been editing with FCP
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Re: One day with Final Cut Pro X and I'm convinced...
by Tony Laughton 8 years ago
I agree Andrew, I was there at the NAB Supermeet and was also impressed thinking that all those cool things were additional to everything you know are basic requirements. Boy we were sure sucked in ba
Tips for FCP switchers
by Steve Connor 8 years ago
OK as we speak there are legions of FCP users heading this way, like me they have decided to switch to Premiere Pro. I'm sure we would appreciate any hints or gotchas to look out for from some of you
Re: Tips for FCP switchers
by Todd Kopriva 8 years ago
Here are some resources that might help. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Kopriva, Adobe Systems Incorporated Technical Su
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