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Panasonic AF100....Canon or Nikon lenses?
by Matt Pancer 9 years ago
So I'm loving the Panasonic AF100, but I'm a bit torn as to which direction to go with lenses....Canon or Nikon. From my research so far (I might be off here....) From what I've been told is that Niko
Re: Panasonic AF100....Canon or Nikon lenses?
by Tommy Galmiche 8 years ago
Hey Matt ! Thanks a lot for this answer. Actually I found out this fonction ; indeed it was "lens check". Tommy.
Adobe Premiere pro CS3 : Crash problem when opening or creating a new title
by Tommy Galmiche 11 years ago
Hello there ! I enconter some very annoying problems with adobe premiere Pro CS3 title module since a few days... There is no more possibility to open an existing title for any modification, or simply
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