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Less is more
by Robbert-Jan van der Does 8 years ago
This video was the first one in its genre that made me grin. Very good produced. http: watch v=9BnLbv6QYcA&feature=player_embedded I think you have to login to YouTube to be able to wa
Re: Less is more
by Tomislav Rupic 8 years ago
can we rename this sub forum into "I hate Apple" forum so I never go here again This is really getting old and pointless guys, if you really hate apple that much just go to some other forums or blogs
Jean-Fran├žois Robichaud liked this 8 years ago
Funny Video
by Greg Burke 8 years ago
http: videoplay docid=-4942162778167603560 I wear many hats.
Re: Funny Video
by Tomislav Rupic 8 years ago
It would be funny if it was at least little bit truth...
Adam McCune liked this 8 years ago
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