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Some major VFX questions for C4D
by Jeng Oh 2 months ago
Hey ya ll, hope I can find some answers here. So I have this video I directed, but might be a little over my head with the execution. The main point of the video is two people slowly falling apart, li
Re: Some major VFX questions for C4D
by Tom Tennant 2 months ago
I would take a look at camera projecting her face onto the face model you have made. Prob best to use a still then you can blend between footage and CG. Add your melting effect which you can have coll
Animating Ribbon
by Tom Tennant 9 years ago
Hi All This is my first post on here and I am really in need of some help, I am trying to achieve this effect in Maya.. http: watch v=Za2pUXVDcvI I have been using flow path so far but
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