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Re: Greetings, From the Vegas Team
by Setiawan Kartawidjaja 3 years ago
Hi Eric and Vegas Pro developer team, First of all, congratulations for the new Great Magix Vegas Pro developer team assembly. Sounds the new team is very interesting! And we are all glad that many of
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Greetings, From the Vegas Team
by Eric Dettman 3 years ago
Many of you in the community are already aware of the news regarding the acquisition of Sony Creative Software products by MAGIX. The press release can be found here. http: us press deta
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Re: Vegas Pro 12 & Broadcast specs
by Roger Bansemer 6 years ago
Audio: 48,000 Hz, 24 bit, stereo, PCM Video: 29.970fps, 1920x1080 Upper field first, MPEG HD422 Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000 Bit Rate 50 (CBR) HQ Profile: 422 Even though Vegas says it can do captioning,
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Re: Re-arrange Media Bins (Pro 11, 32-bit)
by Graham Bernard 7 years ago
Agreed. "The Temp Bin": i Make a TEMP Bin and drag ALL the Bins into it ii Now Drag each BIN out of the Temp Bin to the ROOT Bin in the order you want. iii When the Temp Bin is EMPTY, delete it. You s
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Re: A Question for John R. regarding his VASST apps
by John Rofrano 7 years ago
Mark Barton "I just checked out the video on Render Assistant and had to say having the longer training videos explaining the features are much better than the original short commercials for the FASS
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Re: OT: Where's the thread?
by Mike Kujbida 8 years ago
Tom, you didn't break any rules. What happened is that the OP no longer shows up on here so the thread doesn't show up either. I spent the afternoon on the patio soaking up the sunshine. I need it as
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Re: The end is near for Sony Vegas
by John Rofrano 8 years ago
Gilles Gagnon "Well engineered dongle though... doesn't start to slow down over time and apps are not installed all over the hd but compartmentalized. :)"I can't argue with you there. I run Ubuntu Li
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Re: Would we rather 3D or EDL etc.
by Rob Franks 9 years ago
I have Avid MC5 and while it edits video extremely well... that's about all it does. Its input output is hideous to say the best. There is a thread going on right now on the Avid forums on how to get
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