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Freelance colorist fascinated with films. Exec. Producer media content strategies. There is no greater honor than to help others be more who they seek to be.
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July 2nd 2012
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Austin, Texas USA
Why Use a Color Test Card? – Interview with David Corley of DSCLabs
by Tom Parish 5 years ago
http: 2014 07 why-you-should-be-using-a-color-test-card-interview-with-david-corley-ceo-dsclabs As a colorist I'm finding myself more and more interested in exactly how DPs are captu
Where are my scops?! Resolve 9
by Trevor Adams 7 years ago
Okay got another one for you. Don't now why but after installing Resolve 9 I cant see my scopes. Anyone know why Cant do much without them.
Re: Where are my scops?! Resolve 9
by Tom Parish 7 years ago
For some strange reason my scopes are 'stuck'. I have done what you said here - Open project window and click on Reset Display. In fact I I did that a month or so ago and it worked. Now they are reall
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