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New Products
by Erich Roland 11 years ago
Dear Panasonic, (open letter) Part 1 My Name is Erich Roland, I work as a Cinematographer in long form Documentary segment (mostly) with 33 years of service notched onto my belt. Thank you for the Var
Re: New Products
by Tom Kaufman 11 years ago
I'm really happy the COW provides a place for us to exchange out ideas. I also wanted to state that myself, Erich, and probably Kevin are keenly interested in new technology. Maybe I'm generalizing, b
Weekly Rates v.s Owner Daily Rates -- How to Justify
by Daniel Andreas 11 years ago
This rarely happens but it is now coming up in prepro for this large HD doc I am shooting starting next month. The producer suddenly asks me what my "WEEKLY RATE FOR EQUIPMENT" is after I had provided
Re: Weekly Rates v.s Owner Daily Rates -- How to Justify
by Tom Kaufman 11 years ago
I have to agree with John. It's important to be flexible, but to say no overtime...well, just shoot me now, okay I've worked way too many jobs for some big companies in which the only thing keeping so
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