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Kona LHe Stereoscopic capture
by Tom Bell 7 years ago
Hi, Can someone tell me if I can capture a "dual stream" 3D sdi signal, output from an SRW 5800 on my LHe capture card Thanks, Tom.
Re: Kona LHe Stereoscopic capture
by Gunter Hemeleers 7 years ago
The Kona3G will be able to do it. Hemeleers Gunter Mac Pro, Imac 24", Macbook Pro 15" all intel
Compression Computer Build
by Tom Bell 9 years ago
Hi, Im not sure if this is the right thread, but.... Im trying to build a PC for the main purpose of compressing either MPEG2 or AVC streams for DVD & BD authoring. Im using a mixture of applications,
Re: Compression Computer Build
by Dave Friend 9 years ago
Tom, Most of the CPU-Geek sites I've found show performance test scores that indicate it makes very little difference. Multi-core performs better with some tests while dual CPUs perform better at othe
Compressor BD encodes with TC
by Tom Bell 9 years ago
Hi, I'm encoding some HD Quicktimes to AVC for Bluray using Compressor. Does anyone know if Compressor will embed the timecode (that is already embedded in my Quicktimes) into the AVC files It's reall
Re: Compressor BD encodes with TC
by Tom Bell 9 years ago
I have experienced the TC generator before to add BITC to a video stream, but what I'm trying to figure out is if the TC will be embedded into the file code rather than visually
FCP 7 speed change crackle
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Ok, so I updated everything and trusted Apple! Im using FCP7 and am on Snow Leopard 10.6.2. I have been doing some edits that required me to sync up some audio. I was supplied the audio as raw film re
Re: FCP 7 speed change crackle
by John Fishback 10 years ago
Audio doesn't have a frame rate per se. It runs according to its sample rate. Try using Soundtrack Pro or Quicktime Pro to open one of your audio files and export it as PCM 48kHz 16 bit. Then see how
Quicktime Error -2048
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Hi, I have a dual boot Nehalem Mac Pro running OSX 10.5.8 and Windows XP with an AJA Xena LHe that works also as a Kona on the mac side. I usually capture video on the Mac side to Quicktimes using the
Re: Quicktime Error -2048
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Thanks Jeremy. I guess Ill just haver to wait for an update! Apple seem to keep trying to trip me up here and there!
Capture RocketRAID setup
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong section.... Anyway, I have just installed a RocketRAID card with a 4 drive array in my AJA Kona (Xena) system running both WinXP via Bootcamp and Leopard. The car
Re: Capture RocketRAID setup
by Bob Zelin 10 years ago
I dont' know if you have to load seperate drivers for the Highpoint card. For the ATTO and the Areca card, there are SEPERATE DRIVERS that must be loaded for XP or OS-X. And Arnie is correct, you will
Determining field order
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Hi, Im trying to find a solid way of working out what the field order is of a particular video file. I get so many different types of video files with all manner of different codecs... some PAL, some
Re: Determining field order
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Jeremy Garchow "But if you follow the rules tha Dave described, then all you have to do is change them to the proper setting. Perhaps I am missing something " Thing is Jeremy; I need to know the deta
Audio Time-Shift
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Hi, Im not sure if this is in the correct forum... so apologies if not. Ive got an HD-CAM master running at 23.98 and a 5.1 surround audio supplied on a DA88 tape running at 25 (PAL). I need to captur
Re: Audio Time-Shift
by Michael Gissing 10 years ago
I strongly recommend you take the tape to an audio post facility to get it into a file that can be run through either Pitch 'N Time or MPEX3 software to stretch without changing pitch. If it is a lon
Squeeze Installer Quitting
by Tom Bell 10 years ago
Hi, Im trying to install Squeeze 5 on my Mac which I have just done a fresh OSX reinstall on. Ive got most of the applications re installed but this installer just will not run. As soon as I start it
Re: Squeeze Installer Quitting
by Daniel Low 10 years ago
Use AppZapper, Repair permissions using Cocktail or the boot OS X DVD. Reinstall. If you've done all that contact Sorenson. __________________________________________________________________ Two years
by Tom Bell 11 years ago
Hi, Im trying to figure out what my best solution would be to ingest loads and loads of HD footage to the DNxHD 120 codec would be Would I be best off doing it all through an Avid edit room set up or
by Michael Phillips 11 years ago
If coming in HD-SDI, Media Composer with a Mojo DX will do it for you. MichaelMichael Phillips
More than 8 audio streams?
by Tom Bell 12 years ago
Hi, I have a project that requires 13 different languages. Im planning on authoring the project with the video stream in 2 different timelines, having 8 audio streams on one and the other 7 on the oth
Re: More than 8 audio streams?
by Noah Kadner 12 years ago
Nope- 8 streams is the limit of the DVD spec and you cannot mix video tracks with unconnected audio tracks. The only way to make this work is with two copies of the video. NoahUnlock the secrets of th
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