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Motion Design Demo Reel
by Isaac David Quesada 1 year ago
Hi Fellow Cows I am sharing my updated demo reel as a motion designer. All comments are not only welcome but highly encouraged and appreciated. I hope we can build some projects together in the future
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Re: Motion Design Demo Reel
by Todd Soaper 1 year ago
Very very nice. The intro part reminded me of Miami Vice graphics.
Render Only Keyframes?
by Sam Pipes 6 years ago
I'm looking to cut down on the number of frames in a PNG sequence as I bring it from a 3D program to clear out the matting and export it for Unity. I'd like to find a way of selecting which frames to
Re: Render Only Keyframes?
by Todd Soaper 4 years ago
Walter, thank you. You are truly an expert.
Trying to understand AE concepts
by Todd Soaper 4 years ago
I am new to AE and I have followed this tutorial: https: After-Effects-tutorials VFX-Techniques-Building-Replacement-After-Effects 114011-2.html I was able to duplicate the training on m
Re: Trying to understand AE concepts
by Walter Soyka 4 years ago
Todd Soaper "I especially love scripting." Cool. You'll have some fun. Even if you never really get into it, Ae's scripting system seems to be a pretty thin wrapper for internal functionality. It wil
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