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Sidebars to block off objects
by Tod Geddes 5 years ago
I was given some footage to work on where the subject was shot against a cloth backdrop.... no problem. The problem is that in some of the footage, the camera goes wide and records area on either side
Re: Sidebars to block off objects
by Kalleheikki Kannisto 5 years ago
3D camera track the shot and put set extensions (two 3D planes) with the same cloth (or something else fitting) over the sides where you need to hide the garbage. That will work as long as your actors
Is there a way?
by Tod Geddes 6 years ago
Is there a way in Media Encoder CC 2014 to create a "batch" file that will add xxx frames to each of the files being rendered Or will I have to go to each one in AE and add the frames. Thanks for the
Re: Is there a way?
by Ryan Holmes 6 years ago
There's no way to do what you're describing that I'm aware of. You'd have to add the extra frames in AE or PPro before exporting through AME. Ryan Holmes @CutColorPost
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