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Curt Schulz
ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ for the 1DC?
by George Sampson 5 years ago
I know that this topic has been very hotly discussed, but I can not find any reliable information and tests on how to transcode 4K C-Log footage from the Canon EOS 1DC. Does anyone know if there will
Re: ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 HQ for the 1DC?
by Tim de la Torre 5 years ago
Standard ProRes 422 is also 10 bit. So why would the dynamic range of log footage be any more advantageous in HQ mode Both ProRes 422 and ProRes 422(HQ) are the same thing except for data rate. My und
Reliable link to EX1 firmware update??
by Bob Mark 10 years ago
Anybody have a reliable (trusted) link to the EX1 firmware update Thx.
Re: liable link to EX1 firmware update??
by Tim de la Torre 5 years ago
It worked perfectly. For those who are interested, this was my workflow: My cameras were at version 1.03. I used Windows XP (other people reported problems with Windows 7 above) to upgrade to 1.05, th
MxR and Scandisk 32 problem
by dano motley 10 years ago
Finally was able to get some sandisk 32 gig (class 4) cards to use in my MxR card adapters. I can not get the cards to format. Is there any trick to formatting them Any help plenty appreciated... Dano
Re: MxR and Scandisk 32 won't format
by Tim de la Torre 10 years ago
Yes, I purchased the 32gig Transcend SDHC card and it works fine... I returned the Sandisk one for a refund.
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