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Re: Bold Statement Warning!
by Shane Ross 6 years ago
Bill. We've given up bashing FCX. We know it is very capable now. Besides, we have Adobe to bash now. FCX Who cares. I WANT TO OWN MY SOFTWARE, NOT RENT IT! :) Shane Little Frog Post Read my blog, Lit
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Re: All emotionalism aside: the real problems with CC
by Jim Wiseman 6 years ago
Well, if this is the model for the future, why not let it continue to play out as it has the past year and see which model wins I've heard there are about 12,000,000 licenses out there, and in the las
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Re: Creative Cloud Q&A [Adobe guy]
by Nathan Bezner 6 years ago
Dennis, Within the multitude of articles and Adobe forum posts I've seen over the past several days, I've read rumor that Adobe is considering two prospects that would alleviate my only two fears with
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Thanks for Creating this new Forum
by Jim Wiseman 6 years ago
Excellent idea to move this exchange of ideas to a separate forum. It was obviously clogging up the Adobe Premiere space, and people with problems deserve to have them seen separately from this issue,
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Re: Apple hardware Q4 and 2014
by Bernard Newnham 6 years ago
Surely Apple is now an iGadget company, and almost not a computer maker at all. Their huge profits are made by iPhones, and the huge drop in their share price is based on Samsung now beating them in s
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Re: The world is a tough crowd right now.
by Andrew Kimery 8 years ago
Bill Davis "So here in the X forum, Maybe part of the angst of these past few months just reflects the general Craig's Listification" of all expectations everywhere. If someone isn't willing to provi
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Re: Complicated means Pro : Simplified is Dumb/Amateurish
by Glen Hurd 8 years ago
First time I'd have to disagree with you Scott :) What demise From newbies Is he serious I've never seen a newbie do anything besides waste his life away for $10 hour doing wedding videos, or run arou
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Re: Ask yourself this question
by David Roth Weiss 8 years ago
Larry Watts "Ask yourself "Why would Apple who worked very hard to have editors from High School to Hollywood destroy such an accomplishment" " Larry, If the people at Apple were talking, people woul
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Re: I heard FCPX may be radioactive?
by Craig Seeman 8 years ago
Ubillosium 10 has a half life that is double the time between paid Avid upgrades. Jobsium 35 half life is a function of Gatesum minus market share. Exposure is measured in MiliTunes which is downloads
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