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Cinema 4D R13 Broadcast
by Bronson Hoover 8 years ago
Hi all - I'm new to C4d and I have a question that's been bugging me all week. I just bought C4d R13 Broadcast and I've been watching Rob Garrett's fantastic tutorials on Lynda.com and a number of tut
Re: Cinema 4D R13 Broadcast
by Adam Trachtenberg 8 years ago
The icon difference was just an icon change in R13 -- no substantive change. It also seems that they elected not to include the old modeling layout for some reason. Never used it myself. I'll attach t
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Post-production Case studies
by Tim Kennedy 10 years ago
Hello, I'm looking for Business case studies for Post-production companies. In the process to growing and formalizing my post company. I'm looking to study other businesses, (ie. business plans, capit
Re: Post-production Case studies
by grinner hester 10 years ago
Mine is real simple. If the gig justifies it, I buy it. If it doesn't, I don't. I write no business plan because the plan is to evolve with the industry. I study no cases as they have nothing to do wi
FCP Studio 3
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
Any rumors as to when FCP Studio 3 is due to release. I'm on FCPS 1 now and finally have a reason to upgrade to FCPS 2. But I know as soon as I upgrade, FCPS3 will be released. Murphy's law I guess. I
Re: FCP Studio 3
by walter biscardi 12 years ago
It will be released when it's released. Apple won't say anything prior to it's released. Obviously NAB is coming so if there is any news to be heard soon it will be known at that time.Walter Biscardi,
Stock images in a Graphics Package
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
I have a question about using stock images within your design. I know some design housed have libraries of stock images to pull from to add to the design and look of graphics packages. Who pays for th
Re: Stock images in a Graphics Package
by Nel Santiago 12 years ago
Whenever we are in a situation that we need a specific shot, the client usually picks up the cost of the image footage. That is usually agreed to before hand. We happen to have quite a large bit of fo
Graphics package
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
New to this forum, Just wanted to get a sence of what a Graphics package is for a broadcast designer. i.e. a show open, bumbers, tansitions, lower thirds. So what is a "graphics Package" this would be
Re: Graphics package
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
Joe, Thank you for your response, it was very informative and answered so many question. If I can pick your brain for a few more questions. What is a Rejoin Also, I'm a Animator and motion graphics pe
Price Range for Graphics Show Package
by David Cohen 14 years ago
Hi all, I have been asked ot build a graphics package for a pilot. Having only billed day and hour rates, I do not have a clear idea of how to estiamte a package price. I als do not know the budget, a
Re: Price Range for Graphics Show Package
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
What exactlly does a graphics package consist of. Either for a tv piolot or a cable show. Also, is there a differenence between a half hour package and hour package. And what does a station ID and net
Billing for Render Time
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
Wanted to get some advise on how companies regard billing for Render Time. I'm an After Effects Artist and I set a hourly or day rate to create, design, animate. Should I consider the render time as b
Re: Billing for Render Time
by Tim Kennedy 12 years ago
Thank you for all your feedback, After reading everyones post it seems that billing for rendering time is discretionary. And the factors seem to be the facilities and if you even tell the client that
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