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After Effects prefs.txt numeric values as codes? (CS6)
by Tim Hildebrandt 3 months ago
Hi there, I want, through scripting, change some (numeric) values of the preferences. Somehow those values aren't stored as numeric values in the preferences.txt file of AE. Instead, the numbers are r
AE scripting: using the colorpicker
by James Primhak 5 years ago
$.colorPicker(); Hello, I am writing a script that uses the above code. Firstly, does anyone know if there is a way to access AEs internal color picker instead as that would be preferable. Secondly, i
Re: AE scripting: using the colorpicker
by Tim Hildebrandt 8 months ago
I could manage it, to find a work around. I create a new layer inside the active comp (if there is none, create one), apply the "ADBE Color Control" and execute the "edit value" command through AE. Th
Keyboard Shourtcut inside Script to access specific part of it?
by Tim Hildebrandt 1 year ago
Hey, I would like to implement shourtcuts to a script for After Effects. This means, that if I press Alt+Pad5 inside AE a specific part of the script should happen. If I press Alt+Pad2 it's a differen
CS6 - get 'per Character 3D' transform data information + reverse text expression
by Tim Hildebrandt 2 years ago
Hey guys, I have a quite special question about single Characters of a Text inside a Textlayer. Would it be possible to get specific data information about the position, rotation, transparency etc. of
Ubisoft Logo animation - tipps?
by Tim Hildebrandt 3 years ago
Hey Guys, recently I found an intro animation from ubisoft's Far Cry 4: https: reels.creativecow.net film ubisoft-animation I want to recreate this sand blowing effect and reveal a logo behind the "sa
Re: Ubisoft Logo animation - tipps?
by Michael Szalapski 1 year ago
There are many logo to smoke or text to smoke tutorials out there that you can follow. That little shockwave at the end could be done by using Shockwave from Video Copilot (or from the Video Copilot t
Trapcode Particular - sand heap animation
by Tim Hildebrandt 3 years ago
Hello guys, I am relatively new to Trapcode at all. For a new own project I need to animate some kind of a hourglass in 2D space. So I thought about using Trapcode Particular for creating the sand str
Re: Trapcode Particular - sand heap animation
by Tim Hildebrandt 3 years ago
I played around a little bit and followed your instruction to change the path over time. This actually helped and after I tried some effects on the stroke (what didn't work very well) I will now keyfr
hue/saturation change
by Sean Kimber 5 years ago
Hi, I'm looking to be able to control the hue and saturation of a series of colors based on a single color picker. In this case, I will be using a 4-color gradient for a background, and I'd like someo
Sean Kimber liked this 5 years ago
Re: hue/saturation change
by Tim Hildebrandt 3 years ago
I tested it again and I will write down the expected and the happened results: Original color settings from the square I have (for testing): H=120 S=100% B=100% ecpected result H=120 S=45% B=70% The f
parenting expression
by John Baker 5 years ago
i have not found an answer anywhere to my question so i will ask here - can someone give me an expression that does exactly the same thing that parenting does, in terms of position i am only concerned
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Re: parenting expression
by Tim Hildebrandt 4 years ago
THAT'S IT!!! Thank you so much. Almost lost my nerves on solving all this alone until I thought, some professional help can't be that wrong :) Learned very much today! Thank you!
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