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Re: weird red flash frames
by Keith Dennis 6 years ago
It's five months after update 12.2 "fixed" the red frame problem and I'm still having it. Did it go away for everyone else
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Re: Creating a seamless box
by Dan Ebberts 15 years ago
Change the blending mode of your layers to "Alpha Add" - it should help. Dan
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Re: Text along 3D path in AE CS3
by Brian Maffitt 11 years ago
An interesting puzzle, but you can pull it off. You'll need to take advantage of text on a path, plus the ability to make a layer rotate in 3d space, plus the ability make individual letters rotate in
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Re: PPro CC 5.1 audio
by David Gaudio 7 years ago
Thanks - I discovered the option for 5.1 in the export window finally when selecting uncompressed audio. However, unlike FCP 7 where you can create multiple audio configs, it looks like we're limited
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Re: talking animals
by Graham Quince 14 years ago
I just want to second CrazyTalk, we use it where i work to create fast turnaround, hi(ish)-impact animations to get people's attention Grahamhttp: www.quinceweb.com - web design -------- http: www.shi
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Re: talking animals
by Mike Clasby 14 years ago
You might check out Crazy Talk, it's not perfect but I have 3.5, it's 4.5 now so better. I used it to animate an Illustrator Bigfoot. There is a trail version and the only learning curve is fitting th
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Re: Import Keyboard shortcuts into CC from CS6?
by Bill Glader 7 years ago
Wow, I hope Adobe comes up with a more intuitive way to use settings across multiple systems! BG
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Re: Uniform Scale Wiggle
by Dan Ebberts 12 years ago
Like this: w = wiggle(5,30); w 0 ,w 0 Dan
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Re: Rotation point in Illustrator
by Vincent Rosati 11 years ago
You can't permanently change the center point. The best you can do is to use the Rotate Tool (R) to move a center point for rotation, but after the you're done with the tool the object will hold it's
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Re: Playing the numbers game
by Joseph W. Bourke 7 years ago
In the case of the client who is reasonable, this makes sense. I only pull out the house analogy, when it has become painfully clear that they want the 2.5 million dollar house for 80 thousand. Our jo
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Re: Playing the numbers game
by Craig Seeman 7 years ago
Joseph W. Bourke "There are 80,000 dollar houses, and there a 2.5 million dollar houses. What house do you want " Generally I'd do what I think is a bit more positive spin on clients who ask "how muc
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Re: Handle bars on mask have disappeared
by Andy Hawk 9 years ago
Two reasons for how you can lose your mask handles: handle box in view options is unchecked. solution: go to 'View' tab view options then check handles box is checked RotoBezier has been enabled solut
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Re: burst like soap bubble
by Michael Szalapski 10 years ago
Unless you're talking about slow motion, a real soap bubble basically just disappears. There will be a few little soap particles, but it really just goes POP and is gone. However, I assume you mean yo
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Re: Changing the Corner Radius
by Eddie Yepez 10 years ago
Hi, you can change the corner radius of a mask while creating it by click in the up and down arrows of the keyboard. One you release the mouse botton tou can't change it anymore... If you need to chan
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Re: Best archiving solutions
by Walter Soyka 7 years ago
Tom Daigon "PS My Z820 was $14,000 before the $4,000 discount :-)" Perfect! You can buy a tape drive with the money you saved! :) Walter Soyka Principal & Designer at Keen Live Motion Graphics, Wides
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Re: Video to > Stop Motion Animation Look
by Robert Morris 13 years ago
Suffice to say that we understand how stop motion works. We're just asking how one might go about emulating it with shot video footage in the same way one would go about solving any challenge. Say a c
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Multiple Objects Orbiting a Nucleus
by Mark Lowe 10 years ago
I had a look through the archive but can't find anything relating to my specific question. Apologies if it has already been covered elsewhere. I am trying to create an animation where several 'satelli
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