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NewBlueFx and Vegas Pro 11
by Tiffany Clark 8 years ago
So, I've got Pro 11 and the Titler Bundle is nice, but I wanted to get some other things from NewBlue that more suit my needs. Problem is, all of them, except titler, only mention supporting Pro 10. I
Re: NewBlueFx and Vegas Pro 11
by Lance Bachelder 8 years ago
Disagree. They are all over-priced compared to pretty much anything else out there. If you break it down to cost per USEABLE effect they're outrageous. Look at the new Light Blends for example - most
heartbeat effect
by Carlo Simone 14 years ago
Is there a way to make a photo or video clip look like a heartbeat I am trying to match a heartbeat .wav with someones logo for a tradeshow demo video. They want the logo to pump (lack of a better ter
Re: heartbeat effect
by Tiffany Clark 10 years ago
Hi! I just joined creative cow but I have been trying to get a heartbeat effect for awhile (all of mine are coming out sloppy). Could you please send me the .veg file
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