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April 6th 2017
London, United Kingdom
Video: Family
by Thomas Westenholz 3 weeks ago
Family This was a crowdfunding video I made for a family that is being ripped apart by our government. A father is being taken away from his child and they are fighting a desperate battle to stay toge
Video: Kite surfing
by Thomas Westenholz 3 weeks ago
Kite surfing A one day production from start to finish. I was asked to make a short video about a Kite Surfing Instructor working for the Kite Surfing Center and he was leaving the country in 2 days.
Video: Life
by Thomas Westenholz 3 weeks ago
Life When we got told our son would die within a week it changed our world. I have created this video as a tribute to my son and my wife. Produced, directed, filmed and edited by me. watch video
Video: Showreel
by Thomas Westenholz 3 weeks ago
Showreel This is my showreel watch demo reel
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