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Hi I'm Thomas I live in San Antonio, TX. I currently work for the Army as a civilian doing video production. I grip, shoot, edit, basic compositing, motion graphics, direct and produce.
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January 14th 2010
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So if Avid goes under, then what?
by Andrew Kimery 5 years ago
Branching off from the thread about Avid selling off its consumer line of products and seemingly gloomy financial outlook (http: readpost 335 38711), what happens if Avid can't
Re: So if Avid goes under, then what?
by Thomas Trudzinski 3 years ago
Michael, I was perusing the web and seeing what Avid was up to and read your post. It hits home so hard. We are a full production facility for the Army. We have an Avid Media Composer and Symphony, 5
Pre Pro Scratch disk write protected or unavailable????
by Don Cobble 6 years ago
I recently installed CS5.5 Production Premium. I am just learning it. I did a little test work on it all was well. I did a backup of system, then checked the backup and now my Pre Pro will not access
Re: Pre Pro Scratch disk write protected or unavailable????
by Thomas Trudzinski 5 years ago
FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: Try this first before wrecking your brain on other methods if you are on a Mac. Hold down the option key, click the Premiere Pro icon and let the program start until the menu com
Issues coverting from .mov to .wmv
by Thomas Trudzinski 8 years ago
CCOW members!, I am running into an issue when coverting files and making them match color and contrast-wise from Quicktime .mov files to Windows Media Player .wmv files. I am currently using Autodesk
Re: Issues coverting from .mov to .wmv
by Chris Blair 8 years ago
Another thing a lot of people do is shoot for a gamma value that's in between the older Mac default and the Windows default. I believe Macs (prior to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard) were 1.8 and Windows PCs a
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