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evenly disperse
by Dustin Ward 9 years ago
I have 15 separate objects in the shape of a perfect circle. I want all the objects to disperse evenly to encompass a larger circle. Any Ideas
Re: evenly disperse
by Thomas Tomchak 9 years ago
OK, that does make sense. Thanks. I'll let you know how it works out. Thomas Tomchak President, Edit Creations, Inc. http: Edit Blog http:
large quantity Backup in the field
by Kim Rowley 10 years ago
Hey all, I've written in the past but am having a difference of opinion with the director on this subject who says I didn't give you all enough info. So... I have a more than month long shoot in vario
Re: large quantity Backup in the field
by Thomas Tomchak 10 years ago
I think there is no single way to attack this problem, and 10 different people will give you 10 different answers. I've been working with the tapeless P2 format for several years now (as well as XDCam
Emailing full video file for client
by Greg Ball 11 years ago
I have a 60 second spot that a client would like me to send them via They want to be able to take that spot and add to it. So they want the best quality possible. I've had people send m
Re: Emailing full video file for client
by Thomas Tomchak 11 years ago
I think your best bet is to send them a H.264 version of your QT export. Take your full resolution file into Compressor and just apply the stock "H.264" preset and you should end up with something tha
File error
by Bill Reilly 11 years ago
Ive been having problems importing .mov files that are in the 3 gig range. I started with something that I used handbrake on. It created an mpeg 4 file. I wasnt able to import that so I converted it i
Re: File error
by Thomas Tomchak 11 years ago
I agree with Shane on this. The movie file you're trying to import is not supported by FCP. Your best option is to convert the file to a ProRes QT file and then import that. You should be able to do t
FCP Export Issues
by Brandon Young 11 years ago
I am working on a series and I am having some major issues right now. The first 2 episodes were shot on a different camera on the others. The third episode was captured with a Sony HVR-V1U and the epi
Re: FCP Export Issues
by Thomas Tomchak 11 years ago
Are you testing the DVD on the computer, or on a set-top box I've seen problems when playing back on the computer that turn out to be fine on a regular TV. I don't think this is your problem, but I th
KONA LHe - sync/drift issue
by Michelle Tesoro 12 years ago
Hello, Anyone have any advice for video sync drift latency issues with the LHe When i play picture out to a monitor the video looks like it's playing in slow motion, while the audio keeps up to what's
Re: KONA LHe - sync/drift issue
by Thomas Tomchak 11 years ago
I'm still working to resolve it, but I did find a few things that "fixed" it. I've noticed that it happens more as time goes on, and that having lots of other programs open seem to have an effect on i
Poor Man's SAN
by Liam Lawyer 12 years ago
Hey herd! Recently at one of my clients facilities we upgraded everything to Leopard and have 3 systems all on the same network. With Leopard's new plug-in-play networking, we can each easily navigate
Re: Poor Man's SAN
by Thomas Tomchak 12 years ago
I'm actually writing a post for my blog about this and ran across your post. I couldn't help but share my own expereince. I can tell you from 3 years of experience doing it, that under the right condi
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