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Render taking FOREVER
by Mitch Hardison 8 years ago
I'm rendering out water with a texture from the studio presets. I know it takes water forever to render but this scene is taking 45 min a frame. I have a 12 core mac pro with 12 gigs of ram. Any advic
Re: Render taking FOREVER
by Thomas Black 8 years ago
Change your render settings to these settings in the picture, click on the link below: http: jpg-files
Rigid body not working.
by Vid ÄŒufar 8 years ago
When press right click and then Simulation Tags and then Rigid body it doesn't make Rigid body but it makes Collider body. I am using Cinema 4d r13 Broadcast.
Re: Rigid body not working.
by Thomas Black 8 years ago
I made a quick example file for you, just to give you an idea. I identified the objects as to what their properties are, like collider or rigid body, just copy the tags and add them to your scene. Mak
Multishader and Tracer Object
by Tim Montiq 8 years ago
Hi all, I've got some regular particles combined with a tracer object to create lines. I am sweeping the trace using a sweep nurb and a circle spline. I'd like each tracer to have a different color in
Re: Multishader and Tracer Object
by Thomas Black 8 years ago
Here's the file: http: uploads mograph_cloner_sweepnurbs_Final.rar
electric garage door
by Richard Quinn 8 years ago
Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me. I am trying to make an electric garage door that opens. Here is the file. I have used a cloner with a spline effector. I have animated the spline effectors offset
Re: electric garage door
by Thomas Black 8 years ago
The file is located here: http: uploads garage_door_assembly.rar Earlier I didn't see a way to upload it from here, I do now The file is a crude way of doing it, you could
Basic selection question
by Kevin Camin 8 years ago
I made some type with Motype. I converted it to a polygonal object. I just want to select some of the planar geometry on the letters, specifically the cap faces. But for the life of me I can't select
Re: Basic selection question
by Thomas Black 8 years ago
It's hard to picture what you are trying to accomplish without a file to take a look at. Would it be possible to see your file. thanks, DPIT EFFEX tutorials
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