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Importing issues _CS3
by Jacob Agnone 12 years ago
Our company recently upgraded to CS3 and we in the Art Department have been having an issue with importing layers from psd files. When we select a layer, After Effects randomly grabs the 3rd, 2nd, or
Re: Importing issues _CS3
by Darby Edelen 6 years ago
Oh man, I just got this... Nice Jacob, Nice. Darby Edelen
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shadows not showing up in 3d layers
by Donal Hanafin 9 years ago
Howdy, I've been having the same issue with several layers in a comp that I've been working on. It's happened a few times where I've duplicated a layer and for some reason the 3d shadows don't show up
Re: shadows not showing up in 3d layers
by Darby Edelen 9 years ago
Steve Roberts "You have shy layers enabled, no You may have a shy 2D layer between the light and your 3D layers." This is my theory as well. Try disabling the shy switch and checking to make sure you
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Memory & Multiprocessing preferences
by Jacob Agnone 9 years ago
I recently upgraded to 12GB of RAM on two different machines and I was wondering how I should change my settings to get super fast rendering. Thank guys.
Re: Memory & Multiprocessing preferences
by Kevin Camp 9 years ago
also, watching the cpu processes in task manager (win) or activity monitor (osx) or similar utility while rendering will help to tell you how well your system is configured for the kinds of comps that
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