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HPX370 Lens Options
by Terry Leahy 7 years ago
Hi Guys, I am looking to up the anti with my HPX370 in regards to it's stock lens. Question though, when I buy lenses I try and buy the best for length of use. Does it make more sense to buy a 2 3" le
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Re: HPX370 Lens Options
by John Stephens 7 years ago
I own a 370 and for the money I just love it. But better glass will always help any pro camera look even better. But depending on the kind of work you do, chances are your clients will soon demand a l
Multi-cam Sync issue
by David Rowan 7 years ago
FCP 6.0.6 4 camera multi-clips, DV-NTSC Anamorphic. MacPro, OS 10.7.4 I have done this before on previous episodes of the same show. Lay down the multiclip in the timeline. Double click to open it in
Re: Multi-cam Sync issue
by Terry Leahy 7 years ago
I had this problem too. First I second what Shane said. The other problem can be if the clip rendered. Is there a green bar over the clip If not go into your render files an delete the multiclip rende
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