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beta sp, d2 and sync generator
by April Rose 10 years ago
I have an AJA Io HD, connected via component cables to a Sony PVW-2800 Betcam SP also a Sony DVR-20 D-2 Composite Digital, and a mac pro (quad-core). I am capturing to FCP, with the setting Apple ProR
Re: beta sp, d2 and sync generator
by Terje Moen 10 years ago
Then there must be a problem with your AJA unit. Could it be PAL NTSC setting A sync generator and a time base corrector (TBC) are not the same thing. A sync generator generates a sync pulse for all y
Genlock problem with Grass Valley Infinity DMC1000
by Terje Moen 10 years ago
I am using a Grass Valley Infinity DMC1000 in a multicam production, and have one little problem. When I connect the return video (SDI), the camera tries to sync to the external video, but fails to do
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