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3d flag
by Ted Hoehne 5 years ago
When I try to render out a 3D Flag comp in 1920x1080 in After Effects CC, I always get an error. It will render in SD fine, but not in HD. What gives I'm on a MacPro MavericksOS-10.9.3 2x3.2GHz Quad-C
Re: 3d flag
by Edward Wu 5 years ago
Hi Ted, I just sent you an email that contains the download links for version 2.0.1. From our records, it seems like you are working with version 2.0.0. Please try downloading version 2.0.1 and see if
Enhanced OpenGL
by Ted Hoehne 13 years ago
Hi, I just upgraded to R10 and was excited to try out Cinema's new "Enhanced OpenGL" feature, only to find that my graphics card doesn't have all that's needed to enable Enhanced OpenGL. I've got a AT
Re: Enhanced OpenGL
by Brian Jones 13 years ago
FWIW EOGL works with the ATI x1900 in the new macs...
"Locating timecode break" error
by Ted Hoehne 13 years ago
Hello, I'm having a problem capturing video with my IO when the computer is in control of my BetaSP deck. I've never had this problem before (it's worked as expected for over two years) and I'm hoping
Re: "Locating timecode break" error
by Ted Hoehne 13 years ago
Actually, I've tried the two internal drives I have and an external FW drive. I get the same error no matter which drive I go to. Thanks, Ted H.
Containing particles within a shape
by Ted Hoehne 14 years ago
Is there a way in Particular to have a masked shape from another layer contain Particular particles within itself What I'm trying to do is to show molecule-type particles fill a human-body shape and b
Re: Containing particles within a shape
by Rob Hindley 14 years ago
Animating FirefliesGribble ::: Time flies like an arrow but fruit flies like a banana :::
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