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25p Blu-ray
by TazboTheman 7 years ago
Hi All, I am using a Canon 5DMKIII to shoot events, my camera is set to 1080p@25p with the shutter to 50. I edit my videos on Final Cut X, export a Pro Res 422 Master file. Encore then converts this i
Re: 25p Blu-ray
by Paul O'Brien 7 years ago
Hi there, To be sure, you work in a PAL region, correct If somewhere in the flow you move between PAL and NTSC, that might create some peculiar field frame issues. Does the 50' have an option to go be
Particles follow a path
by TazboTheman 11 years ago
Hi Guys, I am really new to C4D and am trying to make particles follow a spline path I have created. Can somebody point me in the right direction. Thank you.
Re: Particles follow a path
by Dan Roth 11 years ago
thanks for the link, but i'm not getting any sound along with the tutorial. Any ideas why Dan
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