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Taylor Whitney 4 years ago
We are currently working in FCP 6.0. After the release and bad press of FCP X we did not upgrade. We work primarily with archival footage (SD) including capturing from tape via Firewire, but also with new video in HD. We are considering an upgrade to a new professional editing system: Avid, Premiere, FCP X, or ? What is the current most popular NLE software used by editors in Hollywood? Pros and Cons? Thank you.
can I un-nest a sequence?
by Mark Barroso 10 years ago
The final version of my 74 minute film is a sequence I labeled Master Sequence. That sequence is made of about 8 nested sequences. Those 8 also have nested sequences in them. I know that if I just cli
Re: can I un-nest a sequence?
by Taylor Whitney 8 years ago
Nice photo!
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