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Hey guys, i'm from Italy and i work as a video editor, any comments suggestions or questions you can PM me or mail me @ tancredicapucci@hotmail.it
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October 25th 2012
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Milan Italy

Matt Lyon
by Tancredi Capucci 3 years ago
Has anyone attempted successfully launched FCP7 in Sierra I'm really worried and not sure at all if to update from Cap to Sierra... Mooch love T Go Cows!
Re: Sierra??
by Alison Rose 3 years ago
Hi - A good friend just upgraded my OS to Sierra without realizing that this might be a problem for my work, and I had no idea. Almost none of my FCP 7.0.3 media will reconnect.......Can you advise a
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Timeline Info for cuts.
by Tancredi Capucci 6 years ago
Thanks in advance for taking your time in reading this. I'm in a really sticky situation, unfortunatly over a year ago i was assigned a tv series and i (very stupidly) started editing it with the came
Re: Timeline Info for cuts.
by Tancredi Capucci 6 years ago
Thankyou so much mate, this is exactly what i was looking for! ur my hero! Go Cows!
PLEASE! Lost Project
by Ben Lithman 6 years ago
I'm running FCPX 10.1 I was exporting a project when fcpx crashed. When I relaunched it the project I was working on has vanished. PLEASE, can anyone help me figure out how to get it back ! Is there a
Re: PLEASE! Lost Project
by Tancredi Capucci 6 years ago
Usually if you go in Documents, you will find a Final Cut folder and in that folder find some other folders, one of them should be the autosave! Check there ;) Go Cows!
Configuring Luma Warning
by Tancredi Capucci 6 years ago
Hi all, i've recently been working with a client that's asking me: HD programs must not have luminance levels above 700 millivolts (mv) or below 0 mv. The program s color difference signals (R-Y, B-Y)
Re: Configuring Luma Warning
by Samuel Enblom 6 years ago
Actually I didn't mean the symbols that just warn you when you're off limits. There is an actual filter in FCP that makes sure you're broadcast-safe. (It might actually be called broadcast-safe filter
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Final Cut Studio 3 still available anywhere?
by Tom Matthies 7 years ago
I have to update one of the older editing stations here (FCP 5.1) and since all of the other stations are running Final Cut Pro 7, I'd like to install it on the new station as well just to keep it sim
Re: Final Cut Studio 3 still available anywhere?
by Ryan Holmes 7 years ago
Mark Suszko "Right now it is very hard to beat the Adobe bundle and current Premiere AE PS combo. If I was starting from scratch, that would be my current choice." +1 to this. Adobe is where I took m
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