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Audio for interview
by Sylvie Collier 3 years ago
Sorry for such a basic issue: I need to record a documentary interview on EX1r. Would like to record interviewee's answers on channel one and interviewer's questions on channel two. Is this not possib
Re: Audio for interview
by Sylvie Collier 3 years ago
Thanks to Bill for having me check this. Yes, I do position the switch correctly. Until today there was no signal from Ch 2, then...there is. Since then it's been intermittent , sometimes works ok, ot
Audio for interview EX1R
by Sylvie Collier 3 years ago
With reference to my query I should add that there seems to be no problem with the Channel 2 on my camera as I've been able to use audio from that channel during FCP edits. Thanks again for adny advic
Sylvie Collier 5 years ago
Is anyone able to please advise on white balance. I set up my EX1R for warm tones,saved in memory, performed auto white balance, and got desperate greens which I could not change. Bewildered...
Sylvie Collier 7 years ago
I use FCP Studio 6. The cursor constantly freezes. Cannot unfreeze even after leaving it alone for a period. I have to do Force Quit and turn everything off at the wall. Am worried about doing this any more. Can anyone help please?
cursor freeze
by Sylvie Collier 7 years ago
I'm using FCP 6. My cursor frequently freezes. Sometimes if I leave it for a considerable period it will unfreeze. But usually not. I've had to Force Quit and shut down everything at the wall. Can any
Drag and drop failure
by Sylvie Collier 7 years ago
Would appreciate any ideas on why I can't drag and drop an effect on to a highlighted clip in my timeline. I have achieved this on earlier projects but now the effect will neither drag nor drop. Is th
Re: Drag and drop failure
by Rafael Amador 7 years ago
That shouldn't be like that, so try trashing the preferences. rafael
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