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outdoor indoor mix
by bcooney 13 years ago
Hi, I'm accustomed to shooting in controlled environments...small studio TV sets. Lately the projects I'm doing are incorporating a lot of outdoor light source mix to the lighting. I'd like to get som
Re: outdoor indoor mix
by SydneyS 13 years ago
First, I wouldn't recommend using anything but a neutral density sheet on the window... They do not change the color temp of the outdoors. An orange tint may make things look a bit odd on the outside.
Keep my DSR-570 or HVX200. Your Thoughts!
by Jim Tuchschmidt 13 years ago
I do mostly documentary work. We just finished a documentary that we shot with a DSR-570WSL and it looked very good when projected at film festivals. But, I have been thinking about selling the camera
Re: Keep my DSR-570 or HVX200. Your Thoughts!
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Well, when shooting documentaries, the lens control is important... I think if an entire show were shot reality style, you might have a problem with any prosumer camera, mainly because of lens control
portable waveform vectorsope?
by Chris Baldwin 13 years ago
Is there an affordable portable waveform vector scope for both SD and HD cameras Thanks, Chris
Re: portable waveform vectorsope?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
This is a popular model... http: webapp wcs stores servlet ModelDetail storeId=11201&catalogId=13051&itemId=68537&catGroupId=14625&surfModel=BT-LH900A&displayTab=O
shooting surfing in the Ocean, need some advise
by Media Productions Canada 13 years ago
Just wondering if any body has done any shooting of surfing, wind surfing, kiteboarding with a water housing in big waves. Going to do this for my first time and I'm looking on some advise on how to d
Re: shooting surfing in the Ocean, need some advise
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Back in "The Day", I used to do this all of the time. I lived in Kaneohe, Hi. I did both still and video, but rule #1 if you're going to be out there in big wave conditions, is learn how to surf... A
Steadicam Info
by Doug Hodgson 13 years ago
So thanks to 'The Cow' I've managed to acquire a nice Teleprompter and an awesome Jib Arm for my production goodies. They've both been a big help in making my productions a little slicker. Thanks! Now
Re: Steadicam Info
by SydneyS 13 years ago
My suggestion is go to NAB and try on the rigs... Everyone's there, and I think you'll see that spending under $10K isn't a good idea. The prices on steadicam aren't coming down any time soon... I've
glasses reflection
by Ruby Gold 13 years ago
I'm a newbie, not a pro, but am wondering if you have some suggestions for preventing the lights reflecting in the lenses of an interviewee who wears glasses and doesn't want to take them off. Thanks!
Re: glasses reflection
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Something that really works is, I ask them to tilt the lens down as much as possible, while making sure it doesn't look out of place... This, when combined with proper light placement, really helps...
The proffesional look?
by john kissane 13 years ago
How do you achieve that look that all movies from the late 80's on seem to have I recently purchased a Sony HDR-HC1 108i HDV camcorder. I was delighted with the quality of the image I could get out of
Re: The proffesional look?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
You're not going to get "The Look" with a consumer video camera, at least not the same look as you will with 35mm film cameras... You've got almost triple the dynamic range with the film camera, you'r
shooting beaches
by Kevin Herrin 13 years ago
I have some video that I have shot of a beach that has caused some discussion at work as to the quality of it. I shot a beach on a very hazy day, the sky is gray and the water is a gray green. The que
Re: shooting beaches
by SydneyS 13 years ago
I live at the beach, I shoot all formats, Beta, HDCAM, 35mm... You will get a large amount of atmospheric interference no matter what the weather is like... I live in San Diego, and on a perfectly sun
Managing multiple cameras in editing
by cow_fan 13 years ago
I am doing a video coverage for an awarding ceremony for business people. Depending on the budget of my client, I might be shooting it with multiple cameras. One camera might be fixed on a tripod and
Re: Managing multiple cameras in editing
by SydneyS 13 years ago
The latest version of Premiere Pro allows for multicam editing, as does Final cut and some others... The above poster is correct on all counts, I would recommend an audible "Smack" if it's possible, I
Where can I go to get a purely Cinematography Degree?
by Lloyd Lowe Jr. 13 years ago
I have been searching diligently for a school to transfer to that will offer me a purely cinematography degree, or at least one with much more focus on the camera and technique than my current radio t
Re: Where can I go to get a purely Cinematography Degree?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
schools = Networking. Jobs = Experience. No matter what school you go to, you're going to graduate with basic skills. It takes years to improve those skills. There is no replacement for real-life expe
Any favorite / must have filters?
by Jim Krause 13 years ago
I'm putting together an order for 4x4 filters. (For a Chrosziel mounted on a Canon H1) Besides a polarizer and the requisite ND and gradient filters, does anyone have any suggestions as to any "must h
Re: Any favorite / must have filters?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Get the polarizer that rotates, not the single piece of glass... The one that rotates has a little knob on top to rotate the glass inside the frame.
pulling focus
by Ewan 13 years ago
Can any of you kind people take a moment and explain what "pulling focus" and "rack focus" is, I've read about how hard it can be but still don't know what it is. Many thanks in advance. Ewan Dunsire
Re: pulling focus
by SydneyS 13 years ago
"Pulling Focus" is usually a term used for the main function of a 1st AC, or First Assistant Camera position on film sets. It is a rather difficult job at times, when considering the person doing it t
DCR-VX2100 Purchase
by John Thomas 13 years ago
I was looking for a good price for a DCR-VX2100 and saw that Royal Camera had a price of $1369 which is quite a bit lower than say B & H at $2200. Has anyone dealt with Royal Camera before That is a p
Re: DCR-VX2100 Purchase
by SydneyS 13 years ago
I will third this... STAY AWAY from Royal Camera (As well as the other company names they hide behind). What these scam companies do is this... They'll take all of the accessories that originally came
lighting set up question
by mark rivers 13 years ago
Hey, I
Re: lighting set up question
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Does the light do what you want it to do Don't let a brand name stop you... If you can find used lighting, the technology doesn't change that much from year to year, so you may be able to get a recog
Need to fake an office set on the cheap....suggestions?
by Nafai 14 years ago
I've got a shoot next week and for reasons beyond both my and the client's control, the location is no longer available. It's out of town for everyone involved, and I will likely be forced to shoot in
Re: Need to fake an office set on the cheap....suggestions?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Why don't you just ask the folks at the hotel if you can use their office spaces at odd hours Typically, these folks are very accomodating. Or, at the very least, borrow some of their office furniture
Glidecam 'Smooth Shooter': Anyone have experience using it?
by Chris Dolan 14 years ago
I'm looking into buying the Glidecam 'Smooth Shooter' soon and would love feedback from anyone who has used is using it. The price at B&H is pretty good and is almost half the cost of the next-best mo
Re: Glidecam 'Smooth Shooter': Anyone have experience using it?
by SydneyS 13 years ago
Definitely with practice, you can eliminate a lot of unwanted camera movement. I've been using the Smooth Shooter about a year, but you can see the effect of wind in that piece... It was very windy th
Burned out lamps
by SydneyS 14 years ago
Hello, I have a situation I've encountered a few times, and was wondering if anyone knew why it was happening, here's the deal... I live and work out of San Diego, and travel literaly EVERYWHERE... I
Some professional advice?
by Graeme 14 years ago
Hi there, I am currently working in Radio and have been for the last 13 years. Over the last few years I have been doing some freelance video prod. for clients I have met through my radio job. I am lo
Re: Some professional advice?
by SydneyS 14 years ago
I recommend NOT, NOT, NOT going for a masters, unless you want to teach... Go to a technical school, community college, that sort of thing.... Where you got the basic skills, meaningless, to be honest
DVD program?
by M. Jones 14 years ago
I'm looking to purchase a DVD authoring program. But before I do, I need to get feedback from real users and DVD authorers. I've heard good things about Encore. Please feel free to give me your though
Re: DVD program?
by SydneyS 14 years ago
Reel DVD comes with some bundles of Avid, but not all... What I personally do, if I am using Avid Xpress, is that I will export a reference file, (No rendering) convert a MPEG file with Sorenson Squee
by Rotem_n 14 years ago
Which way is the best one to compress you reel I use Os 10.3.4 My reel is 35 mb, using sorenson3. what to do
Re: compression
by SydneyS 14 years ago
Do you mean, what is the best software used to compress with You're probably using Compressor, are you exporting directly from the timeline The problem with Sorenson 3 is that the version that comes b
Videographer First Time Reel
by TheCreativeMan 14 years ago
Hello Everyone! Here is my first demo reel after being in the business for 8 months. Any comments or ways to improve this reel would be appreciated! http: 207625 Matt%20Reel_Coded
Re: Videographer First Time Reel
by SydneyS 14 years ago
To be honest, I wouldn't be too concerned with the music being recognizeable... Most professional demo reel services will ask you to bring in your favorite song... All you should care about is whether
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