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Re: Premiere Won't Bring in Audio Along with Video Clips?
by Brent Taylor 5 years ago
So Adobe's support actually helped me solve this. I didn't expect them to be helpful. I guess you have to have the "A1" all the way on the left highlighted for this to work. It will still import the f
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Re: Beginner AE -question
by Steve Bentley 2 years ago
I'm not a PP guy so I'm not sure. but you could render out with an uncompressed or lossless format. AVI uncompressed (big), Quicktime Animation Best (can be crazy small - it's run length encoded, so t
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Re: this effect
by Sean Mullen 8 years ago
Vlad, To do this effect manually, you need to mix channel separation and frame shaking. Channel Separation - Apply the Set Channels Effect to your footage (Effect Channel Set Channels) Duplicate your
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