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Re: Vegas pro vs Adobe Premiere
by John Rofrano 2 years ago
Jayden Watson "Which is better, premiere pro or Sony Vegas "What is better is what you deem to be better for you. They are both NLEs that are capable of producing the exact same output. It's all abou
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Re: How to change brightness of only some points of the clip [Vegas 13]
by Graham Bernard 3 years ago
Sony Secondary Color Corrector to isolate those highlights. Converted them to a Transparent selection using the Alpha Slider. Then under that Track placed a Solid GenMed and matched its colour to that
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Re: Is GenArts going to update PI3 anymore?
by Ronald Lindeboom 3 years ago
Brian Fox "Creative Cow is not really the end all be all for all things post production that it was in the past, so please excuse my not answering your questions promptly." Excuse me for answering as
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