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Canon C100 Flickering Footage
by Josh Taylor 2 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm getting some subtle flickering from some of my C100 footage. It seems to show up in darker exposed images with a lot of detail. It shows up in the graded footage as well. Here is a
Re: Canon C100 Flickering Footage
by Steven Anderson 8 months ago
I found the same issue. One workaround I found that works pretty good is to go into the custom picture setting you're using (I use "CP9 Cinema" for most things and grade in post) and if there's a litt
Canon C100 questions
by Adam Weinberg 4 years ago
new C100 owner here.. loving it but have a few newbie questions: - i'm curious why the "shutter off" setting is 1 24 as opposed to 1 48 it would be great to lock the shutter so that when i press the j
Re: Canon C100 questions
by Steven Anderson 8 months ago
I realize this answer is way overdue, but in case someone else wants to know a way to turn off the shutter but retain your setting of 1 48, here's how I did it; Set your shutter to desired speed angle
How is CC 2015? Bugs?
by Brent Taylor 2 years ago
I'm looking forward to the update but wondering if I should finish my previous projects first. In the past, updating has sometimes caused problems when I bring in my working files from the previous ve
Re: How is CC 2015? Bugs?
by Steven Anderson 2 years ago
Major bug in AE 2015! If you are using Warp Stabilizer or Camera Tracker DO NOT INSTALL until the preview issues are resolved! These functions will cause your keyboard and mouse to become unresponsive
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