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I have general production and post-production skills including shooting, nonlinear editing, color grading, graphics, and photography.
I am a TAFTP member.
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December 27th 2009
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Irving TEXAS
Freelance Post Production Generalist
by Steve Poirier 7 years ago
Videographer, editor, and teacher. Some of my work includes, ESPN Big 12, Arena Football at the AAC, Time Warner Cable, ICTN,, Verizon Fios, and Havertys Furniture. I am a TAFTP member
What Codec should I use in Motion
by Mark Laslo 9 years ago
Hi All, I tried searching the forums and google but felt like I couldn't find the answer...though it was probably staring me in the face. I'm doing basic graphics work with motion and am trying to det
Re: What Codec should I use in Motion
by Steve Poirier 9 years ago
I have checked out your website. Nice work! What player, format or codec do you use for your video player Thx!
AE VS Motion
by Steve Poirier 9 years ago
Can someone please tell me why After Effects is greatly more used than Apple Motion Is there things in AE that can't be done in Aple Motion I personally like the Motion interface and it's ease-of-use.
Re: AE VS Motion
by Cory Petkovsek 9 years ago
Cross platform! The film video mograph animation industry does not run on mac. Nor on windows or unix. It's all across the board. Therefore a software program that runs only on one platform automatica
Prores coded project preset
by Steve Poirier 9 years ago
Hello, I'm starting a new Motion project and can't find the Prores codec from the project preset drop box. The closest thing to what I need is Broadcast HD 720. There's plenty of choices for XD cam, H
Re: Prores coded project preset
by Mark Spencer 9 years ago
All the presets are codec-independent. All they do is set the frame size, pixel aspect ratio, frame rate, etc. You can add footage that has any Quicktime codec and render to any codec you like. Just p
Color shift when importing a Jpeg pic into Motion
by Steve Poirier 9 years ago
Hello, I've imported a Jpeg pic with a white background into Apple Motion. Once imported, the white background turns aqua and other colors on the logo are also shifted. I tried to colorize the picture
Re: Color shift when importing a Jpeg pic into Motion
by zak peric 9 years ago
HI back, Can youcheck please that you did not export your jpeg as CMYK rather than RGB. If it is CMYK that is why you have a shit in colour. Bring in your logo as a psd rgb and see if this fixes your
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