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Just how is a cow supposed to use a mouse with a hoof anyway? See the LinkedIn profile below. Been doing this stuff since 1982 and love the discussions about the good ole days.
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November 22nd 2002
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A peacefull little town in south central Pennsylvania

Nicholas Bierzonski

Nick Griffin

Ronald Lindeboom
Technical Information:
System Details:
MacPro 12-core, 30\" Cinema Display
Home Theater:
Samsung 65\"
Yamaha surround
Boston Acoustics speakers
audio out patched to whole-house distribution
Personal Information:
Gardening, on and off-road motorcycling, water gardening, handyman stuff, weightlifting - 12oz. at a time.
Area of Expertise:
Business operations, marketing, project management, project development, Live event multi-camera directing, Location sound.
Favorite Movies:
Ferris Bueller\'s Day Off, Holy Grail
Comments and Things Worth Noting:
Do what you love, love what you do.
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