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HPX250 Backfocus Issue?
by Heather Brown 9 years ago
Just received my Panasonic HPX250 camera today from a very reputable supplier in New York City, but it looks like my camera has a backfocus issue right out of the box. Wondering if anyone else has thi
Re: HPX250 Backfocus Issue?
by Steve Cooperman 9 years ago
This is not a defect. The lens can zoom all the way in (616mm) as close as 3 feet without a close up filter. In this position, the optics are in a macro focus mode. In this situation, the lens cannot
Nano Flash digital files for Varicam
by Jim Watt 11 years ago
I presume everyone is aware of the Nano Flash recorder and how well it works with the Varicam for digital files & compact flash is a lot less expensive than P2. Also ran some tests with my HDC20A, 108
Re: Nano Flash digital files for Varicam
by Steve Cooperman 10 years ago
Another great way to record HD-SDI from the VariCam 27H, HDX900 or other large camcorders is with the Panasonic P2 Portable. This product includes master-quality, 10-bit AVC-Intra 100. For more info o
Trade-in Your Varicam for a Varicam!
by Jeff Regan 11 years ago
Panasonic is offering a huge trade-in allowance towards the purchase of an HPX3700 Varicam. Just trade-in any working 2 3" camcorder and $30,000 will be applied to a $60,000 HPX3700! This would lead m
Re: Trade-in Your Varicam for a Varicam!
by Steve Cooperman 11 years ago
Panasonic's approach to Variable frame rate continues to be that the highest speed should have the same image quality as the 24 frame play-back speed. Most cameras compromise the image quality in some
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