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Disk Catalog Software?
by Daniel Waldron 2 years ago
I posted this in the Backup and Archive forum, but wasn't sure how active that forum was... Anyone use any disk catalog software on a PC to keep track of archived files and projects We've used CD Find
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Re: Compression advice
by Brent Marginet 2 years ago
Zipping Video files will never shrink them much and is not a good idea. Are you Zipping them for archival purposes, if so archive them exactly as they are. If you compress them to H.264's and need the
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Re: nVIDIA driver fails with specific effect combination
by Duke Sweden 3 years ago
Told ya I was an amateur! ;-)
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Think I may have found Customer Services.
by Billy Payn 4 years ago
Just got back from a trip round Queensland down under, and couldn't resist. Actually, when I saw this, I turned the camper van round and made the girls wait while I took the picture. 'Why did you take
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Re: Match Frame Bug in CC
by dan cooper 5 years ago
Hey Peter, Hope all is well. Is an update for this issues on Adobe's agenda This is a major setback in post workflow. Cheers, Dan dan
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Re: making subclip from sequence
by David Dobson 10 years ago
I do not believe it is possible to make sub-sequences.
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Re: Becoming more prevalent...not just Adobe
by Gary Huff 6 years ago
Steve Brame "And, as I like to point out, none of this is as insecure as handing your credit card along with your signature off to a total stranger who then disappears with both for a few minutes." T
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Keying out logo on wall.
by James Whittington 7 years ago
Hello! I'm editing some interview footage. In some shots there is a logo on the wall that is a little bit annoying. Looks like it's growing out of the subject's head so I'd love to remove it. I've att
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