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Have been editing for about a year with FCP4 NLE system. Limited expertise with above average persistance.
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January 22nd 2005
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Scottsdale, AZ USA
FCP7: Eliminating ProRes 422 File Size Reduction?
by Melanie Price 9 years ago
Is there a setting in Final Cut that would allow me to export a Pro Res file that's the same size as the Pro Res file we're starting with Currently, we're seeing a roughly 30% drop in end file size fr
Re: FCP display preference setting?
by Stevan Pope 9 years ago
Novice editor. Somehow while editing I placed FCP into a Cinema mode setting. When I click anywhere on the interface of the timeline, browser or viewer the screen goes to Cinema mode with a single cli
using time code generator to superimpose on screen
by Stevan Pope 11 years ago
I'm trying to learn how to extend the footage on the screen before the time code generator superimposes the time code on the screen. As I go to effects, video and TCG, the Time code counter begins rig
Re: using time code generator to superimpose on screen
by Jeremy Garchow 11 years ago
To add to Joseph's solid answer, you can just slice the clip where you want the tc generator to start and add it to the second part. If the filter is already on the clip, simply make the slice where y
Applying Filter on Time Line of FCP5
by Stevan Pope 12 years ago
Help! I have applied the "Broadcast Safe" filter to several clips on the timeline, some give me the check mark in green indicating the clip is safe and within standards. Other white text on black back
Re: Applying Filter on Time Line of FCP5
by Steven Lambion 12 years ago
For Text there are two easy fixes. the first one is to go into the filter and change the amount of whiteness the filter is conserving or lowering. The Second and best for rendering is to remove the br
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