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Shape size auto-adjust to text - excluding text descenders!
by Stephen Wiseman 3 years ago
Hi all I'm designing some video brand assets for a client and as they have little knowledge of after effects it needs to be simple for them to use. With this in mind I have designed an orange "tab" (a
Re: Shape size auto-adjust to text - excluding text descenders!
by Gates Bradley 2 years ago
Any chance there is a way to do it without actually cropping the layer I've made a custom cursor that moves with the text using sourceRecAtTime, using an expression posted by Dan Ebberts (thanks Dan!)
by Stephen Wiseman 5 years ago
Hey guys, client has asked me to find out what this font is for use in an animation, anyone have any ideas Sorry it's not strictly motion graphics related!
Re: Font
by John Cuevas 5 years ago
Looks very close to a helvitica neue. I would go to the font sites and look at the helvetica neue fonts & similiar. I uploaded your capture to What The Font and here were the two best results: Dharma
Alpha channel issues
by Stephen Wiseman 5 years ago
Hi All This is a problem that's been annoying me for a while across many projects, maybe someone can help. When I export graphics work with an alpha from After effects and then place into FCP 7, there
Re: Alpha channel issues
by Stephen Wiseman 5 years ago
Thank you for your help Walter! Works like a dream.
Liquid motion
by Max Baxter 5 years ago
I'm not too sure if it is liquid motion but it's probably the best description I can give of it. I want to have a 2D circle to fall as a liquid reach the bottom of the frame and them come back up in a
Mil Malchiodi liked this 5 years ago
Re: Liquid motion
by Stephen Wiseman 5 years ago
This could help you in some way...I quite often morph objects by overlapping their layers by the amount of time i want the transition to take place. Then keyframe the first object with a fast blur to
overlay track
by kuzzy kay 5 years ago
Hi everyone l m new to after effects,l m working on a music video and my problem is l cant create a second and third track for different video clips is there any easy way to do this
Re: overlay track
by Stephen Wiseman 5 years ago
Just drag your audio track from the project pane into your composition and it will appear. After effects doesn't work like Video editing software where you can have multiple clips on one track. Each c
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