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Adding a lattice...
by stephen reber 10 years ago
Hey guys... I have a good question. Is there a way to attach a lattice deformer to a mesh, when both the lattice and the mesh are separate Thanks in advance... Stephen =
Re: Adding a lattice...
by Stephen Kershaw 9 years ago
I have created a quick tutorial on how this can be done on my site - http: blog tutorials-cg how-to-maya-add-object-to-lattice-tutorial --------------------------------------------
All Render Settings Disappeared !!
by sofia tyler 11 years ago
All Render Settings have Disappeared from the render dialogue box. render using: mental ray maya hardware maya software All come up blank !! No settings at all appear in box !! I quit, restarted and o
Re: All Render Settings Disappeared !!
by Stephen Kershaw 9 years ago
Edit - the page on my site is http: blog tutorials-cg maya-fix-broken-render-settings-window
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