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Transparent Video
by Stephen Burton 11 years ago
At our church, we use a Tricaster to run the broadcast. I'm trying to make video overlay of something interesting like our pastors name, our logo spinning. I'm needing to try and make a video that i c
Re: Transparent Video
by Danny Hays 11 years ago
The green screen is the easiest way in my opinion. If your using CS3 After Effects, then try the Keylight plugin for the chromakey. It's pretty easy to use and can give you a fantastic key, No hazines
5 Minute Countdown
by Stephen Burton 11 years ago
I'm trying to make a countdown which counts down from 5:00 Minutes to 0:00. I want it to work in actual seconds, like a normal clock. I've tryed Effect Text Numbers. I've messed with all the things fo
Re: 5 Minute Countdown
by Stephen Burton 11 years ago
Thanks Dan. You've been incredibly helpful. Exactly what i needed to know!! You Rock!
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