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Project Exceeds Disc Capacity
by Molly Blank 2 weeks ago
I am trying to author an ISO (DVD Image selected) through Encore and when I try to build it I get the notice that "Project Exceeds Disc Capacity." Encore indicates that 882.9 mb are used, 0 bytes are
Re: Project Exceeds Disc Capacity
by Stan Jones 1 week ago
An unusual error. I'd restart your Mac and try again. Go back to your iso and see if it is not okay. Burn to disk and try in a DVD player. Stan Jones
Distorted audio when burnt on BD
by Vasco daNeva 3 weeks ago
I ve made a dozen 2 to 3 hour films of family trips abroad. First on DVD then Blu Ray. All on Premiere Pro. From CS3 to CC2018. All with Voice Over. The Voice Over is done on Audition with the ENDN fo
Re: Distorted audio when burnt on BD
by Stan Jones 3 weeks ago
So you add the voice over in Premiere and export What are you importing to Encore What audio format in Encore Is Encore transcoding the audio Stan Jones
.M2V Aspect Ratio
by Molly Blank 3 weeks ago
I imported a .M2V and a .WAV file into Encore to create an .ISO. When I check the timeline properties, the video is 4:3 and 29.97 but the original is 16:9 and 24 frames. The frames seem fine either wa
Re: .M2V Aspect Ratio
by Stan Jones 3 weeks ago
Keep in mind that when PR exports MPEG2-DVD 23.976, it is 29.97 (the DVD spec) with pull down for the 23.976. If you are downrezzing HD, don't forget to set the crop setting to "scale to fill" to avoi
Encore DVD CS6 does not open on Enterprise
by Danilo Viana 1 month ago
Hello Professionals !!! I have the following problem with "Encore DVD CS6": I installed on my machine for a period of evaluation the Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB (I know it is for companies the OS
Re: Encore DVD CS6 does not open on Enterprise
by Stan Jones 4 weeks ago
I do not know for enterprise. I see no reason it would not, but it is EOL (end of life) and is officially not supported on modern operating systems. But many of us use it. Stan Jones
Encore and Buttons
by Victoria Guzik 1 month ago
Hi, I have had this problem ever since I got Encore CS6. Whenever I put chapter markers in the menu buttons an unwanted button appears. It is usually a party button. Don't remember the exact name. I a
Re: Encore and Buttons
by Stan Jones 1 month ago
What OS That is probably set as the default button. How specifically are you "putting chapter markers in the buttons" If you select a button and pickwhip to the chapter marker in the timeline, do you
Format for Menu Page for ISO
by Molly Blank 2 months ago
I am trying to make an ISO but I get an error - title remote not set & orphan timeline. I know that I need a basic menu page with a Play button. What format should that be I assume I then bring it int
Re: Format for Menu Page for ISO
by Stan Jones 2 months ago
Installing the Encore library is a separate step. http: encore using download-library-content.html This link is for the full library (full menus, and also separate buttons, backgrounds
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