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Motion Graphics Artist
by Sofia Marmorstein 2 months ago
NYC based post-production facility is looking for a motion graphics artist to provide support on a wide variety of projects. These include corporate videos, promos, sizzle videos, testimonials, commer
Sofia Marmorstein 1 year ago
Hello all,
I had a question about sending a QT file with 5.1 and stereo embedded. I have sent this type of file before to aggregators but my question is: if I send this type of file to a venue that is not being clear on what format they prefer and say they can do both but I don't want to only send 5.1 if I'm not sure they have proper set up and want to avoid sending two different files, if I send them a file with the 7 tracks (5.1+stereo pair) will they be able to play it from a surround sound set up or if they can't and play stereo will it work and sound alright?

Thank you for you help!
Editing in 422 HQ, need to deliver in 4444
by Sofia Marmorstein 3 years ago
Hello all, I am editing a feature documentary in FCP 7 on a 1920x1080 (HDTV 1080i 16:9) Apple Prores 422 HQ, square pixel, 48kHZ 16 - bit timeline. We may be moving to 2k,still debatable seeing the mi
Re: Editing in 422 HQ, need to deliver in 4444
by Sofia Marmorstein 3 years ago
Thank you for your response. I am familiar with HDD and Digital delivery meanings but since it's from outside of the US I jsut wanted to confirm it meant that universally and yes I do know what textle
Sofia Marmorstein 3 years ago
Hello all,

I am working on a feature doc in a 1920x1080 Apple Prores 422 HQ timeline with black bars cropping the image to our preferred size which is 1920 x 804. By the distributor we were asked to deliver a

feature file Pro Res
4444 1920x1080
with textless elements on HDD or digidelivery

this is because they will be in charge of making DCP etc.

My questions are:

1. How smooth or even possible is a move from 422 HQ to 4444? I couldn't simply change the timeline settings without messing something up correct? Would it be a big difference if we delivered a 422 HQ file? I can ask them but wanted to be a little more informed before suggesting it.

2. If they are going to make a DCP from this file that means that it would have to be kept at 1920x1080 ratio right? Meaning if they were planning on making a 2k DCP they would have to stretch the file and so we should make sure they are not planning on doing that? Potentially we could send them a 2k digital file already cropped to our desired size (2048x858) so they could move forward from there without compromising quality.

Thank you to all for your help!
Extracting dpx,rmf files for colorist
by Sofia Marmorstein 4 years ago
Hello all, First I apologize if this is not the right forum but I couldn't figure out where else to post. To make it simple I need help with the following: I am working on a documentary, editing in FC
Preparing for DCP from FCP 7
by Sofia Marmorstein 4 years ago
Hello all, Mine is more of a general request for advice more than a specific issue. We are working on a feature doc and we have recently gotten the list of deliverables from our distribution company.
Re: Preparing for DCP from FCP 7
by Sofia Marmorstein 4 years ago
Hi Nick, Thank you for you fast response. Knowing the post house will take care of the DCDM is a huge relief since as you yourself said I have a lot on my plate at the moment: Nick Meyers "are you say
Ghost frames in FCPX
by Andrei Popa 5 years ago
I'm having these ghost frames appearing in FCPX. Frames that are not supposed to be there, and yes the cut is done right. They are there if I do normal playback, they are not there of I check it frame
Re: Ghost frames in FCPX
by Sofia Marmorstein 5 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if you ever solved this issue I am having similar problems I think. Different images are showing up where they shouldn't be or on an empty timeline random pictures will show up whi
FCP 7 timeline bug
by Sofia Marmorstein 5 years ago
Hello all, Hoping someone can help me out here. I work in a production company and we are nearing a very important deadline. We have had every imaginable technical problem occur over the past months a
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