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Milton Menasco
Notions of the "Cinematic"
by Joey Bania 8 years ago
Hey Team. I'm currently putting together a research project examining the popular perception that DSLRs enable a low-budget "cinematic" aesthetic and would love some feedback on a couple of things. Fi
Re: Notions of the "Cinematic"
by Sören Schulz 8 years ago
In my opinion shallow DOF might make a single shot look more cinematic, but for a whole film or a scene it's all about the staging, positioning of the camera and the framing. Shoot a scene with ultra
When to Sync Sound?
by Matt Mullins 8 years ago
Sorry for the novice questions, but I'm a new shooter. I captured about 50 different takes on 2 cameras and recorded the audio on a separate source. Is it better to sync all the video and audio with b
Re: When to Sync Sound?
by Sören Schulz 8 years ago
That's what clapping the slate is for. By clapping it you have one moment in the picture (when the two parts of the slate just joined) and one moment in the sound (the "clap").
Creating a Widescreen effect - Any aspect ratio requests?
by Alex Gollner 8 years ago
In the next couple of days I'll upload an improved Widescreen effect. I'm including a much expanded set of aspect ratio options via a pop-up menu: Any requests for any missing aspect ratios __________
Re: Creating a Widescreen effect - Any aspect ratio requests?
by Sören Schulz 8 years ago
Very clever to make this a title! I just tried to apply a 2.35 Letterbox with the build-in Letterbox effect when I realized that I had to change the aspect ratio for each clip... Having changed all of
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