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Cloth Movement
by Sir Jon Tonnessen 11 years ago
I'm working on a short spot where my client want the screen to be a "cloth" with his logo on it. Then he wants the screen to behave like a ball has been kicked hard into a large piece of cloth from be
Re: Cloth Movement
by david bogie 11 years ago
Any routine that simulates a waving flag can be adapted to this concept but the reality is definitely an illusion. AE just won't do 3D distortion by itself. bogiesanThis is my standard sigfile so do n
Audio Sync Problem
by Sir Jon Tonnessen 12 years ago
Hi!! I shot some footage for a music video yesterday. We used playback from the master CD, and it all looks good... Now, when I try to set up my project in Premiere - I can't get 44100 Hz 16 bit audio
Re: Audio Sync Problem
by Sir Jon Tonnessen 12 years ago
I know that DV audio is 48kHz, but people rarely only use the audio from the DV recording. In this case I am editing a music video, and the CD standard is 44100Hz 16 bit audio.. So, if PP should be us
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