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My wish is
by Richard Herd 9 years ago
That Color is fixed. Don't get me wrong, the images look great. The problem is the file management bs. It is so messed up there really is no way to make it worse. Here's what I am doing, for this part
Re: My wish is
by Simon Astbury 9 years ago
There won't be round-tripping because there won't be any other apps. Color is going the way of shake IMO.
by Arthur Puig 9 years ago
I just came from NAB, and I gotta say, the new updates are incredible, I was feeling euphoric, but then I heard the word "free"...and it took me a while to comprehend what was going on. I pushed it to
Fred Ricci liked this 9 years ago
Re: bittersweet...
by Simon Astbury 9 years ago
Good point Rick. Or perhaps you will get a lot of very disappointed film grads, who can't get a job as a Colourist. The truth is there is really no need for more than about 40 or 50 Colourists in the
Color Controller options
by Ronald Anderson 10 years ago
I have been using a friend's Davinci Control panels on the Resolve, and they are absolutely superb. That being said, I would love to be able to utilize my JLCooper CX controller with the Resolve softw
Re: How realisitc is 30K for the DaVinci panels?
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
Arthur just to re-iterate what other posters have said, the panels are made from expensive materials in small numbers, that's why they are expensive. As to getting the sales to cover the cost, let me
Conform question
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
I have been looking at various tapeless workflows for Da Vinci and I am trying to notch a flattened QT with an EDL, this works fine, however I would like to be able to retain all the source timecode i
Re: Conform question
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
DaVinci big crash
by thibault carterot 10 years ago
Hello, We ve got our first horrible situation here : After 10 hours of work, while saving, the progress bar got stuck at 80% for 10 minutes. We had to force quit. And it is now impossible to lauch the
Re: DaVinci big crash
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
Kim Having used Pogle for 10 years, then re-visiting the Revolution recently I found it depressingly backward. Nothing had changed ! We have all got used to a little more bang for our buck, there are
Tangent CP100
by Henry Santos 10 years ago
It would be great if the Tangent CP100 would be supported on the Resolve Hope both companies get this to work in the near future. Henry
Re: Tangent CP100
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
Tangent don't appear to support the CP-100 at all now.
Full of Resolve this weekend!
by Ronald Anderson 10 years ago
Hello there, Just had a very exciting and interesting weekend working with my good friend David Catt, of Film Systems,and Walter Biscardi, of Biscardi Creative. Spent several hours on a Linux system u
Re: Full of Resolve this weekend!
by Simon Astbury 10 years ago
I was running a tech evaluation on Resolve yesterday. Running off a SAN, conforming from rushes media and also notching flattened QTs at various resolutions. We had a couple of problems with EDLs not
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