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Mac - Finder freezing, not responding (spinning ball) - Overloaded Desktop
by Sholeh Atashzad 5 months ago
Dear All, Happy New Year! My Mac system is Mojave. I was exporting a film as Tif files on Premiere, but by mistake I exported on my Desktop around 30.000 files. When the export finished, I couldn't se
Re: Mac - Finder freezing, not responding (spinning ball) - Overloaded Desktop
by mariah hernendez 2 months ago
If you are afraid that your desktop is full and that is why it is not working, then as you are not finding the files you have recently transferred, so you should delete some other files and free up so
Panasonic NV-GS11
by Sholeh Atashzad 1 year ago
Dear fellow filmmakers, I have a Panasonic NV-GS11 camcorder Mini DV. I have tried to connect it to my Mac and Windows to capture the footage I have on the Mini DV tape, but both didn't work. I don't
Re: Panasonic NV-GS11
by George Dean 1 year ago
Hi Sholeh, If I'm not mistaken that camera has S-Video, Composite, and Firewire connection. I would pick up an inexpensive Firewire card and connect using Firewire which should give you the best quali
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Blending, matting or masking?
by Sholeh Atashzad 8 years ago
Hi, I am looking for a technique in post-production where I do not know the name of the technique and I am not sure in which programs you can create it: I have seen it in photography and also in an in
Re: Blending Technique?
by Sholeh Atashzad 8 years ago
Dear Ridley and Todd thanx a lot for your help. I am hoping to have a result like in the photo that I share here below: http: wp-content uploads 2012 06 Christoffer-Relander8.jpg BUT in vide
Video manipulation collage-overlapping 2 videos
by Sholeh Atashzad 8 years ago
Dear COW Team! I am not sure how to ask the right question and therefor I do not know where to post this question. I will try to explain what I am looking for. I would like to know how I can overlap 2
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