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inner shadow effect
by Milkman 12 years ago
Does anyone know how to do the photoshop layer effect 'inner shadow' in AE I'd use it for both lighting and shadowing an object.
Re: inner shadow effect
by Seyfi Cem Baskın 8 years ago
It may be a late -very late- answer but, if you make your background alpha inverted matte and put your about-to-get-inner-shadow object right above it, you can put the whole comp inside a new comp and
After Effects error (44::36)
by Seyfi Cem Baskın 11 years ago
Hello there. I'm trying to export as quicktime and i get this error with all quicktime codecs&settings : After Effects error: creating movie - bad parameter (-50). (44::36) Using Quicktime Pro 7.4.1 a
Re: After Effects error (44::36)
by Seyfi Cem Baskın 9 years ago
Yeah, that worked. A year ago :) So I hereby thank you roughly after one year. Cem
Final Cut on PC?
by Petr Berger 10 years ago
Hi. I'd like to learn how to work with Final Cut Pro, but I have only PC (no Mac). Is there some way how to use Final Cut Pro on PC Thanks for the answers!
Re: Final Cut on PC?
by Seyfi Cem Baskın 9 years ago
Yes, of course you can run FC on a PC with a MacOSX emulator. In fact, you can do much more things with a PC, but hey, there are Mac fans who won't tell you these stuff in here. You can buy a decent P
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